Decintell Falco Customer Experience Management (CEM) Module

Decintell Falco Customer Experience Management (CEM) Module 

Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform is a complete enterprise suite consisting an array of modules to cover enterprise wide transactions and workflows. The platform comes with its own Admin Centre. Admin can create roles, create users, assign roles and access rights. Configure alerts, emails etc. Admin can also monitor users' login sessions in real time and can force logout or suspend a user. Admin Centre is a very powerful tool to grant user level access to ensure information integrity. Apart from Admin Centre, Falco combines a set of standard modules and customised modules to handle complicated workflows within an Enterprise. (for more about Admin Centre click Decintell Falco Admin Centre)


The standard modules are My KRA BI Dashboards, DOIT (IoT module to monitor equipment performance), WAC (weighment calibration app). The customized workflows are SWAS (an aftermarket suite), CPC (Constraint based Capacity Planning and Control), ECM (Engineering Change Management), CEM (Customer Experience Management), TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance), NPD (New Product Development) and many more. (for more on Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform click Digitise with Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform). 


For the scope of this blog we will discuss CEM module in detail. "Customer Experience Management" is beyond standard CRM modules.


There are standalone off-the-shelf CRM platforms available. However, these platforms need to be adopted and even customised to suite specific workflow requirements of any organisation. Most of CRM platforms do not have proposal or quotation building engine. The complicated and costly licensing policies is another roadblock to adopt several of these platforms. 


Decintell Falco CEM Module
CEM module goes way beyond just basic CRM solution. It is customised solution to fit your needs. CEM comes pre-loaded with value added features such as 

  • Customer or Competitor Directory - Store address and contact information of the customer. Not just one location but any number of customer locations, their plants, offices, branches, warehouses. It is possible to flag the company as either Customer or Competitor or both.  
  • People Directory - Register not only key people contact details, but also softer aspects about them, such as their role within the organisation, their relevance to your organisation i.e. influencer, user, decision maker, beneficiary, inclined towards competition, against, neutral etc. CEM has feature to  track a person if he/she changes the role, location within customer organisation or joins another customer/competitor organisation. While generating a quote or proposal for any customer, these people specific attributes and their relevance to your organisation pops up and serves as guidance.
  • New Query Registration - Query registration from multiple sources such as website, exhibition stalls or your sales team. Query forms are designed to be internally allocated to different business verticals based on the query type. Each query form can be analysed for basic sanity, to decide if it is to be pursued or otherwise, saving huge time of generating proposals which end up nowhere.  
  • Visit Reports - Register every customer visit and details of conversations. Generate and track action plan, assign actions to respective internal owners.  If your organisation is already on Decintell Falco SWAS or DOIT modules, CEM allows seamless information feed from these modules. While preparing for visit it is easily possible to have complete overview of current status of customer complaints, spares orders as well as performance of your supplied equipment. This puts you at an advantage
  • Competitor Information - Log competitor information, including proposals submitted by them to customers, enabling “apples to apples” comparative analysis of commercial terms and technical specs offered by a competitor.  
  • Market Intelligence - Log market information about your products, competitor products, photos, features, feedback received from customers. All this can be channelled into improving your product as well as new product development.     


Decintell Falco CEM Module - Customised features
CEM has some unique customised features. Currently we have developed Proposal building for manufacturers and seller of equipment such as Lifts, Gen Sets, Industrial Compressors, or industrial machines. 

  • Proposal Building and Vetting (escalation approvals) - Gather detailed user requirement (URS).  Create huge Knowledge Repository of equipment features, accessories, site dependencies such as layout, power supply, compressed air circulation etc. URS is automatically validated against your equipment features, site conditions, other dependencies and correct equipment is selected.  CEM also computes the price based on internal policies. If sales team wants to offer discounts, the proposal is automatically escalated for approval. And only approved quotation / proposal can be sent to customer. Thus every quote/proposal is vetted technically as well as commercially.
  • Handling Non-Standard URS -  Many times customers ask for non-standard features in an equipment/machine. If the customer URS does not fit into standard equipment features, the query is automatically routed to engineering function to vet the URS. Engineering will study the same, decide if URS can be met with necessary modifications in the standard BOM. And if possible, what will be the cost of such modifications including lead time. Engineering then feeds necessary cost and lead time information in the query form. CEM calculates the  price based on internal guidelines and from this point on the Non-Standard query flow follows the same workflow as a standard query. Since workflow for Non-Standard URS is separately handled, it doesn't hold processing of normal queries. This frees up engineering resources to focus on non-standard URS and conduct thorough vetting.
  • Quotation/Proposal Tracking - CEM tracks the proposal thru all stages till  Win/Loss decision. Possible to generate multiple revisions of the proposal. Every revision is separately vetted and escalated, if necessary, for commercial approvals. The system decides if escalation is necessary. 


CEM also hosts a Knowledge Repository (KRè). KRè stores data for equipment specifications, working conditions, accessories and thousands of combinations of interdependencies of all such variables. Ensuring URS is accurately vetted every time, without any manual dependencies.  KRè allows hundreds of man years of experience and knowledge within your organisation to be centrally stored, drawn upon and effectively used, rather than this knowledge becoming proprietary to individuals. The knowledge gathered thru individual experience can be put to organizational benefit. KRè has controlled access and any change in data goes thru several steps of approval, before updating relevant masters. 



CEM ensures seamless interconnectivity across various modules of Decintell Knowledge Platform, to bring data feed from SWAS, DOIT, WAC. True power of digitisation can be realised with Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform. CEM is currently under pilot testing. However, we appreciate that each organisation has its own specific needs and constraints. Leveraging our domain knowledge, we work closely with your team to map existing flow. Reengineer the same to remove non-value add activities. Optimize the flow to suite organisation specific requirements. 



Decintell Falco Knowledge Platform helps your organisation to be a data driven, digitized enterprise.

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